At XSite, we see ourselves as key contributors to your success. With our easy-to-use Gas Station and C-Store inventory management software, you will be more efficient and streamlined, increasing your bottom line with both time and money savings.

We speak your language.

We’ve been working with Gas Stations & C-Stores for a long time and we understand your business. We know purchase orders. We know fuel. We know site operations. We understand your business management issues and have the software solutions to help.

Every XSite software product is designed in an easy-to-use and user friendly interface.

We know you aren’t a ‘tech geek’, so we’ve designed all of our software to be super easy-to-use. The interfaces that you see on your screen are intuitive and intelligent. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to access the information you need to run your business better.

Direct access to developers.

Our developers are in the room with our support team. So, when you have a challenge, everyone is listening. (This is unheard of in our industry!)

We build our products in response to your feedback.

We are quite clear that our customers are the drivers of our product development. After all, we don’t run a Gas Station or C-Store… you do. When you talk to us about the functionality you need, we listen. And then we get to work. 

Need a reference? Absolutely.

Literally, you can speak to any one of our clients about their experience with the XSite team and our products. Just ask and we’ll give you as many references as you want.

We help you make smarter management decisions.

Our job is to make it easy to manage your Gas Station or C-Store business. Each XSite software solution is designed to make it easy for you to track transactions and analyze the collected data. We help you make smarter management decisions.

When you call us, we pick up the phone.

This is huge. Whenever you need us for support, someone will answer your call. No answering machines. No shuttling of your call to the middle of nowhere. This is a big claim to make, but its true: Our support is superb.

Get a bug fixed the day you report it.

Just like there are no answering machines at XSite, there is no ‘ticket system’ for support. You call, we respond. We do our very best to fix any bugs the day they are reported.

We’re in this for the long-term… and are growing with you.

The software we develop is at the cusp of new technological trends in the Gas Station and C-Store industry. We are committed to continually upgrading our products and growing our business side-by-side with yours.

When it’s all said and done, we consider you to be part of our family.

We want you to be our client… well, forever! And we know that if you stay happy with us and our products, you’ll stick around. So, we treat you like family. It’s a nice feeling all around.